Tuesday, July 08, 2008

the way things go sometimes


It looks as though my Coolpix camera might be dying. At least parts of it. It acted a little odd for me once on the trip (froze up) but I didn't think much of it, that happens sometimes. But now the flash won't fire. And if the flash won't fire when it needs to then the camera won't focus because instead it's saying "I'm charging the flash, hang on!" only the flash doesn't really charge, so at the moment I can only shoot pics in which I can turn the flash off. *sigh* Great. Just because I have a monster camera now doesn't mean I wasn't planning on using this one for certain things. I'm going to have to look into getting that fixed versus buying a new "one-handed" camera at some point in the future (NOT now). I do need a little camera.

And then there seems to be no hot water today. Hmm. That's not good. Luckily I didn't get too skanky today (it was 110, I stayed in!) and it was a lovely night for a moonlit swim. So much for washing the dishes!

I've been seeing a pair of bluebirds around, and today I saw 10 fledglings in the yard. Wow. I guess they must have nested in one of the boxes in the pasture. But 10 babies?! Jeez.

The barn swallows fledged on Saturday and Sunday.

I have a REALLY weird looking chicken I need to photograph for my chicken buddies. It's just so dang hot while it's light outside! The feather colors are those of a male, the feather type is that of a female. Huh??

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Anonymous said...

At 110, there should be hot water coming out of both faucets. JJ