Wednesday, July 23, 2008


July 23 is a day I never forget. It's been nine years since Thunder died. Hard to believe that, I remember it quite vividly, and yet it seems like soooo long ago that she was part of my life. I sure had some fantastic times with that horse! She was the perfect first horse.

And she had a great canter! I loved riding bareback. I'd just cinch on some saddle pads (no saddle) and ride like that a lot of the time. And she was super easy to canter bareback, she was so smooth (except when bucking, she did have a fondness for bucking). Don't think I could do that with Shylah! I was probably 14 when this was taken, so she was 18. Silly girl, no helmet! I was young and foolish. Sometimes I think about the stuff I did with her and I can't believe how crazy I was!

I was supposed to sell her when left for college. I tried, but there wasn't much interest in an old horse that looked like she might be getting some Cushings problems (she did not totally shed out the last few years of her life). She was 22 when this was taken.
And probably 23 in this pic. She didn't mess with trees, so she got to hang out in the yard a lot. She died at 24 from founder.

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