Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Adventure: June 24: National Museum of Wildlife Art

Blarg, I cannot shake this funk that I have been in since getting home. I need to get over this. I am restless. I don't want to be here, and I want what I don't know if I'll ever find.

One of the first places we went on the 24th was to a bead shop that one of B's friends owns. Totally gorgeous stuff there, and a woman at the store said something to me about how I'll never get where I need to be with the art unless I dump "the other things" in my life. Maybe she's right. I wish there was some sort of easy answer to this, some sort of formula to follow.

I'd been wanting to visit the National Museum of Wildlife Art for quite some time. I'd heard of it before, and when I found out B lives fairly near that, I knew I had to go! I am in a way wishing I had gone later this summer instead because the Robert Bateman exhibit opens this week and runs through October and I would give my left arm (I need the right one) to see that (ok, I'm being sarcastic there but you get the idea). I had no idea that was happening way back when I booked tickets, and truth is I made the trip at the right time anyway for a lot of reasons but dang I wish could see that! However, those plane tickets aren't free, so that's pretty unlikely. :-( Bummer.

Anyway, the NMWA as I'll call it is a pretty cool place and there was so much to see that just rocked my world. I am going to quote my journal here: "Went to wildlife art museum. WOW. Mind boggled, what amazing stuff and so cool to see other works by artists I'm familiar with like small painting by Bonhuer (I saw "The Horse Fair" in NYC) and small sculpture by Akeley (I saw his taxidermy at the AMNH in NYC). AMAZING huge painting by R. Bateman and SO neat to see his technique up close. Wow wow wow wow wow."

Yeah, I really wish I could see that Bateman exhibit!!! Anyone up for a road trip before Oct 5? ;-) (I'm only half joking).

Okay, here are some pics from the museum.

It's a very interesting looking building, quite distinctive:

Across the highway from there is the National Elk Refuge. It's just a wide open expanse right now, but B says in winter it's full of elk. And snow, obviously. I find myself really wanting to see that. And I want to see Bison in snow. Hmmmmm. Here's a poorly stitched together panorama:

Me with the big bison sculpture:

Me with the elk sculpture. Hey Bryan, you take really good pics of me, that's a feat!

Okay, so that's not flattering, I was being a dork:

Me and B:

Next up, back to the town of Jackson Hole.


Anonymous said...

Geez, Katherine, what else do you have in your life that you could give up? Chickens? Your cats? Your horse? Your old car? Bellydancing? You've got a nice, tidy life as it is. It sounds so noble when an artist says he's given up everything for his art, but I have to wonder how many people who love him have actually given up more so the artist has this luxury.

I think you're on a better track, with a good balance of things that make you an interesting, lovable person PLUS a talented artist.

Will you ever get what you want? Does anyone? One of my favorite quotes is "Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want." What a wealth of wonderful experiences you're acquiring while you're searching. I love the pictures and the stories you share with us.


Katherine Plumer said...

I'd like to give up the old car in exchange for a new car with good mileage and towing capability. ;-)

I like to think "the other things" are what keeps me (somewhat) sane.