Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 10 work in progress

It's icky here. Only got to 99 today but I think that's just because the smoke was so thick that not much sun is getting through. It's bad. My head hurts, my throat hurts. There are no fires here, it's just blowing in.

Here's how the back yard looked this afternoon, I took this around 2:30pm. Nuthin but gray skies do I see....

This evening if you didn't know it was smoke you might think it was overcast and about to rain. Weird.

No stars tonight, and the moon is an interesting shade of reddish orange (for those who need to know, shutter speed 1/3 second, focal length 400mm, used tripod and timer, photo is cropped):


So I have at least four people threatening to put my profile online if I don't do it myself, ahem. I will, I am getting there, soon.... Guess it's time to find out if the cosmos can prove me wrong... ;-) I AM rather curious what other people would post about me though, eep!

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