Monday, July 21, 2008

June 21 lack of progress

It was a pretty scattered day, lots to do but not a lot of time for any one thing, so the progress on the drawing is less than impressive, I'll wait and show you tomorrow.

I'm submitting my bear cub scrim as a "tutorial" (hmm, more like work in progress, I don't feel qualified to tutor anyone about scrim yet) on an online forum, so I'll be back to poking holes on that again. In case you've forgotten, here's where we left off. The outline is there, barely visible.

Don't believe me? Here's a closeup:

Shylah almost redeemed herself on tonight's ride. She was great until we got to the end of the road to turn around and then I swear it's like her brain just fell out. She was all snorty at trash cans on one side of the road (OMG how many hundreds of time has she seen our garbage cans, everyone out here has the SAME ones) and then a big barking dog on the other side of the road. Jeez, getting her to go between them I might have been walking through walls of flame or something. And then the horse on the corner in the corral was all snorty so that didn't help, and she spooked big time at three large pigs. What do I do? I keep her feet moving in the direction that I want them to go, which is usually opposite the direction she wants to go, or at least at a different speed. I make her think, back up, circle, etc (granted this is a little hard to do on the road, if she's being stupid and a car is coming I just hop off, I have no qualms about dismounting, I'd rather have a skittish horse in hand than find myself spattered on the road if she spooks into a passing car.) I gotta say most of the time she's absolutely great but when she gets into stupid mode I just can't figure it out. Gotta keep doing it I guess, convince her that the trash cans won't eat her.

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