Sunday, July 20, 2008

random crap

Well, no sooner do I finish telling everyone how great Shylah is when we have a day like today. Absolutely rotten little brat today, that was the worst ride I've had on her. My calm horse was a spooky, balky freakazoid. When we got back from the road ride (that's supposed to be fun!) I cantered her a few zillion laps around the round pen until she was absolutely worn out. Cantering of course being her least pleasant gait I'm curious who will be more sore tomorrow, me or her! (Yeah, I'm guessing me!)

The Battle of the Barns show is coming up on Saturday. I practiced a little jousting this morning before hitting the road. I will not make it as a professional jouster, I am sad to say. However, if I give up that class then I'm only riding in one other (the downside of having a slowpoke trotting horse is they don't put you in the speed classes!). So... eh.. The outfit this year is slightly less objectionable than last year's, but only slightly. Actually my biggest complaint is it's so scratchy! I'll post pics after it's done. :-)

More random bug pics today! I actually like these bugs though. I am still using the Coolpix camera for macro shots (I have not looked into getting it fixed, the flash is dead). I would like to get a macro lens for the D80, but for now, this works!

Now that is one smug looking bug.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mantis pix. They're my favorite bug. Yours are really big already! Mine are still pretty small, the ones Rudy hasn't eaten. You could use Dusty for the gymkhana stuff, he's fast. Or Blue Top, he canters nicely and he's civilized. JJ

Katherine Plumer said...

I've seen a few little ones, this is the only big one I've seen for a while.

Actually I thought about Dusty, but that seemed like I'd be asking for trouble with him. Then again, he might surprise me! As for now, I'll stick with Shylah and be bored most of the day I guess....

Anonymous said...

Blue Top has actually been to a couple of shows. Bob showed him when Bob was 8 and BT was a young horse. They didn't have the little kids canter and Bob was irritated about that because he could canter BT all day. He'd be good for jousting. Dusty might prefer real jousting. Or barrel scattering (as opposed to barrel racing - you knock them down and chase them). JJ

Katherine Plumer said...

Yeah, but at this point it's kinda late in the game to think about riding a different horse. I'm sure Shylah would like "stop at all the barrels to see if any of them contain food." She used to be really good at rolling barrels all over the pasture when she was a baby.

I DO need to come over and ride Dusty though... I think I just need to set a date for that, otherwise I get sidetracked with other things.

Anonymous said...

eeewww, bugs r gross (still)