Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Adventure: June 27: Yellowstone: bald eagles!

Yellowstone Lake is immense. Absolutely immense. I thought Clear Lake was big!

We were on our way back to West Yellowstone to leave the park. There was a 1/4 mile stretch of road that was posted "no stopping" because of bald eagles nesting. We'd driven past this twice already but it wasn't til now that it was like "oh yeah, that huge nest up there in the tree!" So we pulled over past the closure and walked back (as far as allowed) to take some pics. It was impossible to get great shots considering the distance but nevertheless this is a bald eagle and its baby. Bryan was back there last weekend and said this chick has fledged. Cool!

I'd seen these eagles first thing that morning along the river near the West Entrance but told B not to stop because they were back pretty far from the road. Well, they probably weren't any farther away than this, but it's okay. There were a lot of animals we passed up that day (elk, bison) because of all the pics from the previous day. I occasionally found myself thinking "we should have stopped for that one" but realized later that if we had done one thing different that day and altered the schedule by even a few seconds we wouldn't have seen what we saw next. You'll see.... ;-)

Up next: the moment you've been waiting for! What we saw! (Yes, I have been dragging this out as long as possible) ;-)


Anonymous said...

Aauughhhh!!! Sorry, I have been waiting for the finale....Is it Mooses?
Also, you have a great eye for landscape composition. That brought up a you draw/paint landscapes? You should.
ps...when you live in Roswell, you scoff at such make-believe paranormal X files. Live the real thing!

Katherine Plumer said...

You'll see... :-) I have not done much landscape work other than the occasional somewhat limited background. I will be doing more of it though, now that I have some good reference to work with!

Hey, if Mulder was there I'd come visit. ;-)