Friday, December 21, 2012

another snow day!

Well, there are still about three hours left in the day, but thus far the world hasn't ended.  I find that to be a relief, though if it does end I'd like it to just go "poof" and be done, because I'm really not into that survival stuff.  Anyway, it did snow a lot here today.  Snow is not abnormal here, but it's also not something that can be counted on every year.  It doesn't usually snow much, or for very long, and it melts off pretty quick.  So this was a little unusual, and I'm hoping it turns to rain so I can get down that long steep hill tomorrow without turning all my knuckles white.  Because who's never driven in snow... me!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Snow day!

It snowed today!!!!  I suppose, like any other type of weather, snow could get very annoying very fast.  But since I've never before lived in a place where it snowed, this was a first for me, and it was SO EXCITING.  But gosh darn that's cold!  I went out wandering for a while, taking photos and being generally awestruck, and came to the conclusion that if I do that again I really need to wear proper snow attire (which I have, I just sort of didn't think about wearing...)

I wonder what it will look like tomorrow morning...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 13 work in progress

This is another big knife I'm working on.  Actually, there are two very similar big knives for the same client, this is the first one I'm doing, it's a Dozier.  This is the back, with my client's monogram.

I didn't know anything about monograms until I got into this engraving stuff.  I used to think "why so much emphasis on the middle initial?"  Ah, but in a monogram, the last name's initial is moved to the middle, and is often bigger than the other two!  Nifty, eh?

Anyway, stay tuned, much much much more to come...

Monday, December 03, 2012

Midwinter Mist

Oops, just realized I forgot to post this when I finished it!

"Midwinter Mist"
Buff Laced Polish hen
colored pencil and graphite on gray Stonehenge paper
8 by 11 inches
copyright © 2012 Katherine Plumer

People say not to work for friends.  Fooey on that, I say.  My clients often end up being my friends, if they weren't beforehand.  Every year for the last four years, my friend Dale has commissioned a custom chicken drawing, which he then uses on his Christmas card.  I think this is the coolest thing, and he sure has the most unique cards!  And I have a very cool friend.  :-)