Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 22 work in progress

It's starting to get more tolerable. The hard part is figuring out the colors. I have drawn so many chickens and horses I know by heart how to create any shade of brown, or any of the reds and oranges and grays, but throw pink and purple and blue at me and I'm stumped, gotta figure it out as I go. It's not like I just take one pencil and color something in. Oh no, haha, far from it. Depending on the color there are anywhere from 1 (rare, that would usually be a patch of solid white or solid black) to 12 layers of color, from light to dark. Unlike paint, there's no mixing on a palette, it's all mixed right on the paper! Layers and layers and layers of color...

It's really sort of abstract right now, that's hard for me! I want some lines!

9x20 inches
colored pencil on cream Stonehenge paper

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Anonymous said...

Is that a Horizon I see????