Sunday, October 01, 2006

well that's weird

So you've heard of a partridge in a pear tree. Well today I was rather surprised to come home and find a pigeon in a Japanese maple (a very tiny maple, I might add!). Seems an odd resting place. I went out to have a chat with it (pigeons are NOT encouraged to hang around here....) and it flew away, so at least it wasn't sick. Weird.

In other news I hung ten art pieces at a real estate/home loan office in downtown Sacramento. It's in this super cute old Victorian house, and the art looks REALLY nice there. There are two other artists showing also-- a photographer and a painter. Everyone's styles are extremely different, so that's fun.

The day was a blur.


Anonymous said...

That's not a typical place for a pigeon to perch, their little feet don't like limbs, they like flat surfaces like roofs. I bet it was trying to bluff your resident hawk by acting like a sparrow. JJ

Anonymous said...

That is really weird, I think it was definitely up to some kind of espionage. Katherine, I am signing Kevin up for some of the events that don't require birds at the Nationals. He would like to do an educational display on incubation, it is what we learned the most about this year. Would you mind if I used some of the pictures you posted earlier in the year?? They are so perfect, and we are terrible picture takers. I will make sure your name is credited. If not, I understand. Sorry to use your blog as email, but we need to get started. Thanks Rose

Katherine Plumer said...

Sure, that would be fine. The only thing is they are pretty low res photos and aren't likely to print out all that spectacularly. You could try though! I don't have time to sort through the original images and send high-res versions. (at least not for a couple weeks anyway)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'm sure they will be fine!