Saturday, October 14, 2006

Oct 7: Bath

After Stonehenge, we proceeded onward to the city of Bath, home to the ancient Roman bath (hence the name). This is a major tourist town, and it's amazing to see the ancient ruins.

Looking down over the Great Bath (sorry, bad shadows):

The Great Bath:

One of many ancient statues, with Bath Abbey in the background:

The set of a movie being filmed in Bath (no idea what movie):

A park in the city of Bath, which is quite picturesque:

I believe this is the River Avon:

No, the boat doesn't go down the steps...

The Bath Abbey. Flying Buttresses!!! Yay, finally get to bust out with some art history terminology! (Flying buttresses are the support columns that stick outward and down from the upper part of the building, they "fly" versus normal buttresses which are completely attached to the building. In this pic they look a bit like a sideways "V" shape. Buttresses help distribute the weight of the building, so the weight is supported by the ground rather than other parts of the building.)

I guess this is where you take your mineral water if it gets sick??


Anonymous said...

This is so cool, like a free trip to England. Thanks. JJ

Katherine Plumer said...

Hee hee, glad you like it! There is a LOT more to go!