Monday, October 16, 2006

Oct 8: Fair: Dogs and Pigs

I have never seen so many dogs at a fair before. Dogs of every shape and size, dogs everywhere. There were several dog shows there, a "lurcher and terrier" show (is a lurcher a greyhound? Does anyone know?) And also a mutt show, and an agility course. But whether all the dogs there were in a show or not, I don't know. I think it's just one of those things people take a dog to. I saw dogs I'd never seen before. Unfortunately I didn't get a lot of photographs, as it was pretty crowded and I didn't get a chance to talk to any of the dog owners. I could have spent the entire day doing nothing but photographing dogs, had I been so inclined (A.R. you would have gone insane here with the plethora of odd looking dogs). :-)

Certainly not rare, but such a pretty dog!

Lots of these hairy guys, what are these??

This cutie was tied to a horse trailer.

Lots of these!

It was interesting to me what types of livestock were there versus were not there. There were cows and sheep on display in the rare breeds barn, but none competing. There was a pig show though. Whoa.. The pig shows I've seen at CA fairs are always market shows (where the pigs are all muscle but not really huge), I've never seen any of the breeding stock competition, so maybe big pigs are normal but I was astounded at the size of these things.

I don't know what breed this is but that's the funniest pig face I've ever seen!


Anonymous said...

Wow Katherine, I was busy for a day and even at 5 hours to download your news and pics are so worth it. The dogs in the last picture are that what they were calling lurchers??? My Sister is a Whippet fanatic, she would like that info. Thanks again for the amazing pics and the chance to live vicariously through you.

Katherine Plumer said...

Aaack 5 hours?!?! Oh my gosh, I'm totally mortified. I'm trying to keep the sizes pretty reasonable too! Yikes.

I think those are what they are calling lurchers, those are what I saw at the lurcher show (the grayish hairy one too, lots of those). Hmm.

Anonymous said...

okay, so maybe it wasn't quite 5 hours...sorry to blow wait times out of proportion. Still waiting for anyone at all to bring DSL this way...the pics are so worth any wait, don't stop posting!