Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oct 8: Cambridge

I think we left the fair around 4pm, and headed off for Cambridge, which I guess it one of those places you just have to see while you are in England. How did D&D describe it? A bunch of American students with an overdeveloped sense of entitlement? :-) It was a rather cute town, with a spectacular church seemingly on every corner. I had to stop taking pictures of churches. There were too many, I don't know what any of them are, and they all ended up looking the same.

Awww, cute place isn't it?

Lots of bikes there! People locked their bikes to pretty much anything they could find.

We stopped and took a look at the Kings College Cambridge campus (part of it anyway, maybe this was just part?? Not sure). Anyway, it was, um, decadent. A bit different than my university experience. Nobody lounging around THAT well-manicured lawn!

Must be pretty smart cows (on campus) ha ha.

And then we just just kept wandering around. One thing that all these places have are oodles and oodles of shops and restaurants. People must shop and eat out a lot.

And this is where you... exchange corn??? (no idea)

Wandering onward... since the sun was starting to disappear it seemed a prime time to remember where the car was parked, but that actually proved somewhat problematic, I guess we'd gotten somewhat turned around.

BUT, it was fortuitous that we got a bit lost, because it was only for that reason that we wandered down a pathway leading to yet another old churchy building that at first glance looked more or less like the other old churchy buildings. And then I looked up. I'd seen these weathervanes in other towns, and commented to DP at one point "doesn't that kinda look like a rooster?" but I didn't think it really was, the others I'd seen were too far off for me to tell. But now I had no doubt. That is, indeed, a rooster.

And then arrived at the front of this building and *squeals with delight* there was a rooster on the upper part of the door!

In fact the front of the building had several roosters on it.

There are three rooster heads on this shield-shaped thing.

And one above the statue.

And of course there's me.

And this is the backside of the gate that we walked through to get in here in the first place.

So I don't have any idea what that building was, but I will remember it as the rooster church and I'm glad we got lost and found it!

Traffic that night getting back into London was awful. I know the drive took a lot longer than it should have but I don't know how long because I fell asleep and got a horrible crick in my neck.

So... there are still several more days of photos to get through. I'd actually thought I'd be done with this by now but it's a lot of work getting everything on here! (So you darn well better enjoy it!) ;-)

Next stop: back in London, Hyde Park, Harrod's, Natural History Museum, and a bus tour.

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