Sunday, October 22, 2006

Will I ever catch up?

I'm tired! I got home a little over an hour ago from a weekend in Paso Robles at a poultry show. I didn't win much of anything, got Best of Breed but I had the only Rosecombs there so it was kind of a given! My birds are really too young to do much right now, they aren't filled out and finished yet...another few months and they may do some damage. But I still had a very fun weekend. I haven't seen most of the poultry people since the spring show season ended in April, so it's always nice to see my friends and catch up on everyone's lives. I also delivered four framed Standard drawings to their sponsors, and they liked them a lot, so that was pretty cool. :-)

I didn't take any photos. I don't urgently need any bird photos (can't have too many, but nothing I NEED now) and I'm still so far behind on the England pics I didn't feel like slogging through more photographs right now.

To my chagrin I found out I have four more drawings to do for the Standard. I thought I was down to the final six but the on-again-off-again Phoenix are officially back on. It's not like its the end of the world or anything, but I wish I would have known sooner. The unfortunate aspect is that I now will not by finished by the Indiana show. Dang it!!!!!!!!! Grumble grumble gripe gripe.

I REALLY need to get the rest of the England stuff on line in the next day or so, if I don't get to it soon I'll forget everything.

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