Saturday, September 30, 2006


Today felt like fall. The horses are getting fuzzy. This was the first day I wore jeans all day and did not change into shorts. Then again I am also not feeling all that great today, but I'm hoping that's because I go to bed too late all the time or something. I heard this novel idea called "go to bed earlier" so I think I might try that out tonight. I refuse to get sick, that will not be convenient. Tomorrow will be better, I'm sure...

Actually tomorrow I have to take birds to auction, which means getting up at 5am, which pretty much sucks. Only seven birds going, all young roosters that didn't make the cut for show birds. It hardly seems worth the trip, but it's seven fewer cockadoodledoodlers, and it will free up a couple of pens.

I got a big shipment of art supplies today that I had ordered, that's always fun. Turns out there were some colors of Prismacolors that I didn't know about. *gasp!* I usually just get those locally and they don't have the new colors. I also ordered some Pablo pencils, and if I like them I'd consider getting a full set and adding them to my collection so that I can have an extremely full color range. I'm pretty well committed to colored pencils, so it's not as though I'd be buying something I might never use again! I am rethinking how to keep them organized though. At the moment they are all out on my drafting table, each color in its own little section, flat on the table. I really do like this arrangement, it suits my working style quite well. On the downside, it takes up a rather large area of the table (ok if I'm doing smaller work, not okay otherwise), and I'm limited in how many colors I can keep out at once. So I'd like to either attach some sort of bins around the outer perimeter of the table (which would probably be a disaster, because I don't know how to do that, so I'd cobble something up and it would last a couple weeks and then fall off) or maybe I just need a small set of fairly flat drawers to sit on top of the large set of drawers (you know, I myself am thinking "ha ha, she said 'drawers'... you know, like undies?! So probably other people are thinking that too). I can't put pencils in the large drawers, they are too hard to reach down there. OMG, I'm going to fall off the chair I'm laughing so hard now. "oh no, I can't get these pencils out of my drawers!" Curse whoever gave that word so many meanings. :-O

ANYWAY........ the gist of that was I need a bigger work space and more storage, so I'll have to poke around and look for ideas. Little canisters would be cool (to store them upright) except when my pencils get too short and then I'd lose them. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

I got a bunch of paper too, I needed to restock on Stonehenge paper, and I also bought some velour paper and something that was on sale and advertised as "translucent pastel paper." Weird. It's gray, but translucent, sort of like a cross between vellum and parchment, but toothier. Not sure what I'll do with it but it sounded too neat to turn down. I'm a bit disappointed by the velour paper, I'd hoped it would be heavier. Working with floppy paper makes me nervous. I should have gotten the velour board instead, but I'll give it whirl if I can actually talk myself into trying pastels at some point. I've seen some graphite work on velour too and it was WOW amazing. It's fuzzy!

Ok, time to see how that "go to bed earlier" thing works.

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