Sunday, October 22, 2006

Oct 10: London Eye

Tuesday the 10th started out on the soggy side, with morning showers, but ended up warm and partly sunny by the afternoon. First up on the agenda was a ride on the London Eye. Think that Ferris Wheel at State Fair is big? Well, this thing is enormous. It's the world's largest observation wheel, at 135 meters tall (I looked up on the website). I don't know the geography well enough to point out landmarks and buildings, so I'm just going to give you a bunch of pics without captions. Some things you will recognize, like Big Ben, that's hard to miss. The ride around takes maybe a half hour or so. It's an amazing view. I suppose someone who doesn't like heights might not go for it. I'm not crazy about being up high but it feels very safe in the capsule!

Next stop: the British Museum (I need to go through the pics first).


Anonymous said...

Living next to a river as I do, I am amazed that those buildings are so close to the water line. Does the Thames never flood? How do they keep their basements dry? JJ

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I couldn't have gone in that thing for my life...those are amazing pics..thanks again.

Katherine Plumer said...

JJ, I don't know... DP would know about flooding but I don't think he reads this thing anyway!