Friday, October 13, 2006

Oct 5

By the end of this series of postings, you may be sick of my photographs. I took a zillion of them. I'm trying to narrow it down a bit, but that's tough, so many are so nice! There will certainly be multiple views of the same thing though... It's not the same as really being there, but I'll attempt to take you on a virtual tour.

So Mom and I left on Thursday October 5th, to spend a week in London visiting DP and DJ and seeing the sights.

Thursday was a blur. We left here early that morning, and took a short flight on a propeller plane to San Francisco, and then boarded a seriously enormous jet bound for London. I've never been on a plane that big-- it had two stories, and three sections of seats across the plane (two aisleways). What it did lack though, was knee room, so it was a thoroughly uncomfortable flight, particularly when the person in front of me put his seat back (gah! I hate that!) and it also didn't help that the couple in front of us had a baby that screamed darn near the whole flight. Grrrrr. Why on earth do people travel with little kids anyway, it's not like a baby is going to remember the trip! Ugh!

So I didn't get any sleep on the ~9 hour flight, and the food wasn't fabulous. They called it pot roast. Ha. Meat loaf maybe, possum loaf perhaps.

No pics from Thursday.

Somehow we went through a time warp or worm hole or something. It was nighttime for part of the flight, and we arrived at 7am Friday the 6th. Time changes confuse me. It's 8 hours ahead there.

It'll take me a while to sort through the photos and get everything posted, bear with me!

More later.........

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