Sunday, October 22, 2006

Oct 9: London: Bus Tour

Okay, now back to London before I forget everything!

So.... after we finished looking at dead things at the Natural History Museum, we got on the tube again and went to Piccadilly Circus. In this case circus is not a clowns and elephants type of thing, but refers to a circle. This is the intersection of five streets and a definite tourist landmark.

Anyway, it was right around there somewhere that we boarded one of the infamous bus tours, where you ride around in an open-top double decker bus and see the hot spots. We were going to do this the first day but it was raining that day so that would have been unpleasant. Did you know the spiral staircase leading to the top of the bus is extremely tiny? And walking up that staircase while the bus is starting to move forward is really challenging?

The National Gallery, where we were on Friday.

The London Eye.

One of many bridges over the Thames (can't recall what this one is).

DP said something like this the symbol of the city of London and the Queen can't go past this statue, or something like that (sorry, getting foggy on the details). Whatever, I thought it was cool.

We stopped at St. Paul's Cathedral and went inside. Can't take pictures inside, and I couldn't fit the whole thing in the frame of the photo outside! It's large, to say the least.

Pigeons do appreciate statues.

London Bridge.

Tower Bridge.

Going over Tower Bridge.

Got off the bus again at Buckingham Palace to gawk at it a bit. No, I didn't see the Queen.

The gate.

And a very impressive statue thing.

This is a fountain in a park (don't remember name) right across from Buckingham Palace. The leaves are imprinted designs in the fountain, but I thought it was neat how in the pic even the water looks metallic!

Walked walked walked........

It was late, and we were tired. Grabbed some dinner at the grocery store (they have a much better selection of ready-made dinners than the stores here do!) and called it a day. Next stop: London Eye.

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