Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pictures Today

Horses are so optimistic. They always think it might be dinner time.

Dusty says hi. He got a bunch of time off during art show/England insanity, but I swear it's like someone came over and worked with him while I was gone because he's suddenly much better! Maybe Shylah talked to him, or maybe it just took that long for everything to sink in! :-)

This turned out pretty!

It's very dry here. The horses gets major static electricity issues, though Dusty seems more prone to frizz-butt than the girls. Maybe he swishes his tail more. Then again Shylah is generally in dreadlocks (all natural) so hers doesn't do this as much.

And now some chicken pics. Really nice head on this BBRed pullet!

Birchen pullet from the Silver OE X Black RC cross. The ONE bird that came out the color I expected!

Purebred black! Really! He's a Brassy Back sport. As a Brassy he's not very well colored but I'll try him as breeding stock to bring in a new bloodline.

Ugly combs on the Blue Silver girls (Silver OE X Black RC) but they are cute anyway.

I hate painting but it does make things look better. We painted this coop today. I didn't realize how pink that light brown colors is. Hmm.

Cuckoo pullet. Not a very Rosecomby head just yet.

This is the one I showed just for kicks in Paso Robles last weekend.

The 1/2 Dominique pullet.

I still like this guy! I'm going to try breeding him to the Cuckoo pullets.

The one rose combed cuckoo male I kept. I don't like all the solid feathers but believe it or not he was the best one.

The Golden (?) Duckwing cockerel (Silver OE X Black RC).

I have mutt birds too! Got this one and her sister from JJ, they are Dominique/OE/Silkie/??? Right?

Purty pullets.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dusty! I see you're living up to your name.

The pullets are 1/2 Dominique, 1/2 mutt. The Mutt part has O.E., Silkie, Brahma, and perhaps a touch of Americauna. The Silkie goes back to Michelle, who almost drowned in dog slobber when she was little, but lived to be 17. The Brahma part was from a large hen and a white O.E. cock, a very determined little fellow.


Anonymous said...

You have grrat pets! Like your banty chickens. Do you sell any of their eggs or them in general? It'll be nice if I can add some of your birds to my collection. Check mines out @
- Tommy