Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oct 10: London

Wow, my previous posting was my 300th!

I am determined to get the rest of the England pics on line today.

So.... after we finished on the London Eye we moseyed onward to the British Museum, which is enormous. We were there for about three hours, and did not see everything. There is sure a lot of amazing stuff there, but honestly after a while I was all museumed out...

Looks like an Egyptian Goose to me!

Holy moley... the Rosetta Stone!

Why the long face, Falcon?

As usual, I can be found hanging out with old guys... ;-) If we were all holding chickens this would be perfect.

Yay chickens!!! Always warms my heart to see chickens in a museum.

After the museum, we went to Camden Market, a huge outdoor bazaar with all sorts of interesting clothes and crafts and pretty much anything you could think of. I'd never seen entire stores devoted to goth clothing... I didn't buy anything (at any of the shops!) though I was tempted a few times. There were some really pretty things, but I don't get dressed up enough to justify spending money on pretty things! :-)

We moseyed onward, and visited D&D's friend Paul Antonio at his studio. He's a calligrapher, and I was blown away by the work that he does!

The final excursion for the evening was a visit to a pub, Ye Old Cheshire Cheese. It was deemed necessary to visit a pub and have traditional pub food. The oldest parts of this pub date from the mid 17th century. The ceilings were so low that people have to hunch over to walk down the staircase! It was small and smokey, but quite entertaining.

I had the breaded shrimp and fries (err, chips!). They called it Scampi but it's not like American scampi. And a sweet cider.. still tastes too much like beer to me, though it was definitely better, and I did manage to finish the whole thing. Not going to become a habit of mine though. I was too full for dessert but I did steal a bite of DP's "treacle sponge." Now does that sound like a horrible food or what? I was a little scared of it, but it turns out to be a sponge-cake sort of thing in a bowl of sweet sugary syrup. It did look a bit odd but it was REALLY good. Now for really bad food names, there was also one called a "Spotted Dick." I asked DJ what that is and he said it's a lot like a Treacle Sponge except it has raisins or currants or something in it. Hmm! Learn something new every day.

After we finished dinner and watched a very drunk man flirt with his imaginary friend for a while before staggering back up the stairs and nearly smacking his head on the low ceiling (hee hee!) we walked over to St Paul's Cathedral again and admired the view at night before catching the tube and catching some much-needed sleep.

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