Friday, October 27, 2006

missing a show

I hate that I am missing a poultry show this weekend. I'm such a show junkie, I know!!! It's down in Ventura. I went in the spring. Looong drive, but really not that bad. I sorta like long trips alone anyway. I had actually planned to go to this one, but at the time I stated that, I hadn't anticipated going to Indiana. But I decided for the sake of the art business it's really important that I attend the big show in Indy, and unfortunately that means my participation in the fall shows here in CA definitely suffers. *sigh* Looking at it realistically though, my birds aren't any more show-worthy than they were last weekend, taking another weekend off would have been tough, and with this stupid cold I wouldn't have or be much fun this weekend anyway.

But I still hate missing it. And I'll hate missing the one in Bakersfield next month too. The next time I show my birds will be in the middle of January. January!! That seems like ages away. But you know what. I'll be done with the Standard by then. :-)

Then what?

If I only knew.

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