Tuesday, November 24, 2009

starting a new project

Okay, so tentatively I'll be meeting with the lady who commissioned the drawing and pendant of "Drum" the horse next Monday. Look for them to be posted in their completed full glory shortly thereafter. This is normally something I would do via email, sending a proof, but alas not everyone has email. (gasp!)

Today was one of those "between projects" days which tends to mean I have 94750987 little piddly things to do, run errands, etc. I did go out to lunch with my neighbor though, which is always a treat.

I am ready to start my next project, which is a smallish but incredibly complex image on a knife. People portraits! I hear the collective gasp. Yes, people portraits are challenging, but I'm trying not to get overly hung up on that. Follow the form, like any other subject. I'll refer to this as the Generations Knife, since the image features three generations of men in a family (the youngest of whom is my friend DC... who is married to JC and lives 3.5 hours north for those of you who will know who I'm talking about). It's a Christmas gift, but I have permission to post works in progress, because the recipient (his dad) won't see this.

To my eternal gratitude, the pre-ban elephant ivory scales have been polished glassy smooth, so no fiddly touchup for me to do! YESSS!!! This is a kit knife. DC made it.

As you can see, it's a lot bigger than the zebra knife! Sorry, not great lighting, I didn't think to do this in daylight today.

The back:

Pretty damascus steel blade:

Pretty colors on the metal, ooooh:

I don't want to accidentally mar any of the surfaces, so I've wrapped it in felt and tape except for the area where I'll be working (red felt, so festive!)

Tomorrow I'll transfer the image, which is going to be REALLY difficult! I need to take that super slow.

On another note, I have to share a photo of Olin, my adorable and dorky cat. This blanket on the couch is his new favorite place to be. He got himself all smooshed in there!

Speaking of adorable and smooshy, did I mention that my niece is not only the cutest thing ever, but also brilliant? Check that out, seven months old and already with the New York Times! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Very cool new project, Katherine! The knife is very nice, indeed.

And yes, your little neice is just too adorable - I had to laugh when I saw that one!
Have a fantastic Turkey Day!