Monday, November 02, 2009

one more thing, no wait two more

1) In the last few days my approximate profile views (according to my profile on here) have increased by about 100 every day. Where are you all coming from? I want to know! :-) Say hello!

2) This is not an official petition, but I heartily believe that for the sake of more good writing on the internet, and for the sake of family continuity or some other such thing, my brother J needs to write a blog. I mean, I write one. My brother D writes one (he's "I'm doing work- Really" in the links on the right side). J is a fantastic writer, and I know he has a lot to say. I hope he's reading this. I know some of you know him. If you agree with me that he ought to be writing a blog too, leave a comment and say so! :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning that your brother D writes a blog. I've read a few letters/emails of his over the years and really like his use of words. I don't think I've ever read anything written by your brother J, but from listening to him at family gatherings, I know I'd like to! JPT

Jan Blawat said...

I've never met brother D, but I read his blog and I like it. I know brother J, but only get to see him once a year. So yes, I'd like to hear all about being a new dad, a fireman, and whatever else J comes up with. Maybe he can give us all the dirt on his sister.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, J, you are in for it now. We met once, fleetingly, as Katherine and I walked past your room and she said that is J's room and that is J in it. -BMC

Anonymous said...

I enjoy D's Blog! I read it and it makes me appreciate the fact that I do not ride a bicycle in a city ;-)
Brother J, do a blog if you like! I would read it!