Monday, November 02, 2009

and other stuff too

Yikes, I'm trying to catch up on everything! It's going to take more than just tonight.

So here's a bunch of pics:

I have vampire hands. Have you seen that movie Twilight? Apparently vampires have cold hands. Thus, I have vampire hands. So for a significant part of the year I can be found working with these stylish gloves on. They are relics of childhood, pink cotton gloves. I cut the fingers off. It helps a lot.

I am going to photograph this particular leaf every day. Every year I mean to photograph the tree every day while it's changing colors, but invariably I think of this too late, so I'll try to get one leaf. It's a scarlet oak (I think?)

Jessie, the reluctant babysitter. That's the house chicken, she's grown lots! She flew onto Jessie by herself, I had nothing to do with it other than I ran for my camera:

A frog on the house in the golden light of the sunset:


Swellbelle said...

Holy Dooley girl I love these photos. They are brilliant. Love your blog too. Just discovered it and am now follower.

Katherine Plumer said...

Thanks! Welcome! :-)