Saturday, November 14, 2009

Holy Ginormous Fungus, Batman!

I finished the Sheltie scrimshaw today! But it's proud owner has to see it before y'all do. Stay tuned! (Might not be til next weekend).

Sometimes I read friends' updates on Facebook that say something about having to work on a weekend and I think "oh that sucks" and then I realize hey wait, that's exactly what I do. I'm not sure that's good or bad that I don't notice I work weekends. Means I enjoy what I do. Also means I am somewhat (um, somewhat?) lacking in a social life these days. Ah to go adventuring again. Gosh DARN it I want to go to the snow this winter! I bought snow boots last winter, imagining a weekend of snowy revelry on my birthday. Um, that didn't happen, but I'm fully prepared for snow this year! Just need someone who wants to go with me (and preferably wants to drive). :-)

Anyway, total tangent there, sorry. So there I was late this afternoon, mid way through a very long day at the microscope, when Mom asked if I wanted to photograph a mushroom that was growing out by the fence. Sure, I'm always up for some macro photography.

Good golly! I've never seen a mushroom that big!

Apparently, according to what I dug up online, it may have been an oyster mushroom. I say that in past tense because now it's a dead mushroom. And no I did not eat it. Eww. As my brother J says, fungus grows on poop, dead stuff, and between toes. I don't eat fungus unless under extreme duress (like trying hard not to look like a total ninny if I'm out to dinner somewhere, but that's ONLY if it's mixed into some sort of food item from which it cannot easily be separated and casually pushed aside).


Ruth Trowbridge said...

i have picked wild mushrooms for years now and have never seen one so big, love the photos you have skills here for sure - peace

Anonymous said...

I think it may have been trying to take over your house! -BMc.