Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November 25 work in progress

Today I transferred the image to the knife. And breathed a major sigh of relief when I was done with that. I always find that part nerve-wracking, it's the foundation. A foundation of microscopic dots. I do have kind of a weird life, don't I...

See the dots? They're not much to look at before they are inked.

Gotta be inked!

Do you know it can be very angst-producing to post these WIPs on line? It's really different than a finished piece!

Anyway, we're going to have a slight change of plans here in the near future. I realized tonight that my air compressor, which has been getting a heavy duty workout lately, is low on oil. I ordered more, it's some special thing, you can't just go buy it at the hardware store, alas. Anyway I'm guessing that will take at least a week to get here, and I think I'd be better safe than sorry so I'll hold off on using the compressor (and therefore AirGraver) until then. Soooo... I could do all the hand-tool work on the portraits I guess, though I sure wanted to get that border in first. I started it tonight, didn't photograph that though. Or I may put this aside and start on the next project which is not something I can show in progress, though that one needs some pneumatic tool time as well. Hmmmm.

Right, don't procrastinate on buying compressor oil, especially in Christmas crunch time. I'll figure something out.

Remember, you have until Saturday night to enter to win free art! I need to make that only a seven day thing next time, this is taking forever! Saturday night I pick winners!!! Be sure to check back in or else you lose out on it!

Oh yeah, and Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! I hope you have an enjoyable day, spend it with people you care about, and don't get into any more family drama than is necessary. ;-)

Here's my very first poultry art, in keeping with Thanksgiving blog tradition:

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