Monday, April 16, 2007

turkeys again!

Today was a busy day. I didn't do any art stuff (which was kind of nice...) but just tried to get caught up on a few things. Didn't finish though, *sigh* I still have things to frame and places to go and I'd better not forget to mail my taxes tomorrow!

JJ's two horses are here right now, Dusty and Blue Top. How fun to have Dusty back! He definitely seems to remember me, and he sure remembers the mares and stays well out of their way. They are just here for a couple days to share a vet appointment and farrier appointment. This afternoon all four horses spent some time tied to the fence, and everyone got a bath (well, just a rinse really). I have let Shylah in with the geldings but Evil Mare Gwen is separated because, well, she's rather evil. She's calmer now though because she doesn't have to spend her entire day keeping Shylah away from the boys. Gwen's weird.

Anyway... got some cool photos this evening...

Dusty and Blue Top and....hey, those aren't horses!

They were around the side of the shed so I snuck right up to them and poked the camera around the corner (yay for moveable view screen!) and took these.

Wild Turkeys are certainly nothing rare or amazing, they are around here all the time (and I chase the darn things off!) but I still find them to be very cool birds and interesting to photograph.

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