Thursday, April 05, 2007

more turkeys!

These lovely ladies were in the front yard today. I took a bunch of pics before I shooed them out of the yard.

I love this one! Tee hee!

In other news I editioned my litho stone image today (the Lipizzaner horse I started in... January I guess it was). Didn't get as many good prints as I had hoped, but there are enough. When the ink dries I'll scan them (that'll be over a week from now). I am soooo tired now.


bm said...

Why did you use stone this time instead of the metal plate? Just curious

Katherine said...

Just a different technique. Stone lithograph (on stone) versus intaglio etching (on metal). That particular image wasn't really suited to etching. Plus I was assisting a litho class last quarter so it seemed more relevant to do what they were doing!

BM said...

By the way, cute new pic of yourself! Who took it?

Katherine said...