Tuesday, April 03, 2007

this and that

Ramblings today...

The Aseel drawing is finished (the one that's been a work in progress over the last few days) but I want the client to see it before the rest of the world does, and his internet isn't working right now. I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

I got four boxes of canvases on Monday (12x12s, 12x16s, and 24x24s). I was really disappointed to find that the 24x24s had been packed incorrectly and one of the canvases was dented and loose (it has been up against the box, which was pretty badly dinged up. I was going to call the company and complain and see about getting a new one but figured I'd see if I could fix it. A good canvas should be as tight as a drum. This one flopped! So I spritzed water all over the backside and put it out in the sun for a few hours. Voila! Tight as a drum! Guess the moisture makes it shrink down again. Cool. Now they are all in good shape, awaiting dogs and cats and chickens and who knows what else. Well, in the immediate future it'll be all dogs, gotta get enough done to hang those in the pet boutique by the 13th of April. Yikes!

I watched Lonesome Dove (again) over the weekend. The ONE thing that really bugs me about that movie is that could they not find a female gray horse to play the role of Call's mare "Hell Bitch"? I mean, that horse is an important part of the story, and they repeatedly call her "her" and it's pretty darn obvious that's a gelding! Sheesh.

Progress is being made on the limited edition print stuff, for the Aseel called "Proud Heritage" (the one in the boxing ring). The print pricing seems to be squared away, so now I need to figure out shipping costs so that I don't have to fiddle around with calculating them for every individual, I'll just do a flat-rate for US, and see if I can come up with a reasonable international flat-rate price. I need to get the word out on this thing asap though.

And I really need to make finishing my website a big priority. The sales section has been down since January and this is hurting me. I just can't find the time to get the darn thing done, ugh! If I survive taxes I have a whole lotta work to do.

I've been looking into some upcoming art shows, wanting to get more locally known, but I am finding downsides to everything. There's a local one in late June but it's outdoors, and around here that can be a pretty nasty time of year. There's another one a little farther away in early June and I could apply to be indoors (yay!) but they make you enter by medium. Like, I could have a booth with drawings...only. If I want to bring paintings, I have to pay a whole nother entry fee. If I want to bring drawings, paintings, and printmaking, I pay triple. It's pretty small money, but I don't like that system at all. People always compliment me on having a wide range of work, why on earth would a show want to limit that. Rant, rave. Might do it anyway, hmmm.

Okay, enough for today.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be nice if the art department at UCD had an alumni art show? ...during picnic day? I bet you would come to that!

faile said...

It's weird that a show would limit you to only one medium like that, especially when those three go so well together. There should be a creative way you can get around that, like call it flat-art or something.

Katherine Plumer said...

My guess is it's just a way for them to rake in more bucks. Looks like $100 booth fee and $20 per extra category. I can't even get creative with the categories, it's broken down into paintings, drawings, mixed media, other 2-d, printmaking, photgraphy, sculpture, etc. Dang, so normally I have something in all those categories except for "other." Hmmm... Technically most of my stuff IS mixed media (pencil/ink, paint/ink) but I don't think a jury committee would see the chicken drawings and the dog paintings as being in the same category. Shoot, gonna have to think hard about this. I have a few weeks to decide.