Monday, April 09, 2007

busy busy

I have three more dog paintings done, none of which are varnished yet, so I haven't photographed them yet. There's a Yorkshire Terrier, a Boston Terrier, and a Chihuahua. I have five more sketched out on canvas and will do as many as I can by the end of the week (Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Pug, Schnauzer, French Bulldog). I'm planning to hang work on Friday. The shop is 4 Paws Pet Boutique at 19th and Capitol in Sacramento. It will be open for Second Saturday on the 14th, I am not entirely certain yet if I will be present for that.

I am making progresson the supremely icky taxes. Bleh, uck, hiisss, booo!!!!!!

That art show I was thinking about attending in early June, I realized it conflicts with a poultry show meeting I am supposed to attend. Shoot! I am debating missing the meeting in favor of making some moolah but I'm concerned that I may end up needing to attend the meeting just to be present for decision-making. Dang it. Guess I'll see how it looks by the end of the month (ugh, it's already almost the middle of the month!)

I got a postcard from Horse Expo. They say they have a new layout and lighting. Hmm, perhaps I will enter something in the art show. I haven't for years because the layout has been awful, with NO lighting, plus it's expensive. The booth prices are exorbitant, there's no way I would get a booth, but it might not hurt to try to put myself back on the map in the horsey world. And I'd better figure out what to enter in Draft Horse Classic, that deadline will be here before I know it. Oh, and I'm so thrilled that State Fair is taking all entries digitally this year. YAY!!! I hated entering there because they accepted only slides, and they didn't return them (even if the art was not accepted) and professional slides are expensive. Digital is good, I'll be sure to enter several things.

The first chicks are due to hatch this coming weekend. By my calculations there will be.... a whole lot of the little buggers!

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