Monday, April 16, 2007

more chick pics

These are from the two Duckwing-cross pens (B and T4). I suspect these will be Birchen or Black (the black ones), BBRed, and Golden Duckwing (top right and middle).

The fuzzy red-headed chocolate morsels are Brown Reds. They aren't show quality Brown Red, but I use them in the BBRed program because they seem to produce some nice BBRed babies that are less inclined to have excessively red chests and tails. These chicks do not usually have pale bellies like the Black ones do.

The little chipmunk-wannabes are of course the Black Breasted Reds. Can they get any cuter?

Brassy Backs and Blue Brassy Backs. There are two forms of each color ("morphs" as the bird-watchers would say). There is the solid colored dark morph and the striped light morph. It does not affect adult color and is not sex-linked, I haven't ever figured it out except that these are the first dark-morphs I've seen for years so maybe I had bred it out of them until this year when I introduced the black sport Brassy Back male into the mix.

Cuckoos. Both males, I think? These are much more pale than last year.

Black chickies have varying amounts of yellow-white on them.

They're pretty small. :-)