Saturday, April 07, 2007

new directions

My head is filled with thoughts about art. Today I met with my friend J.K., who is an artist, and is married to an artist, and has worked in marketing and as an art director. And I got a lot of words of wisdom, and ideas of what direction to take my art and how to market it and things I'd never thought of before, and wouldn't have had a clue how to do. There is such a market out there for what I do and I haven't even scraped at the surface. So you will, in time, see my art take some new roads, have some different appearances. My head is swimming with thoughts. The mere idea that what I want is achievable and that I could actually do this is mind boggling.

And it'll actually tie into a lot of what I had in mind to do anyway. That whole chickens in context thing that L.K. and I talked about over lunch one day, I can weave that into some new concepts and different methods. I know this doesn't make sense, bear with me, I'm writing this one for me.

I'll still be drawing chickens, and horses, and I'll still be painting dogs. I'll be doing a lot of things. As busy as I am now, it'll increase. I'll still do art shows, and still do commissions, but with any luck before too long people will wish they would have booked commissions now. ;-)

I am planning to hang whatever dog paintings I have finished at the boutique on Friday or Saturday. I'll have several more to scan and post on line by the end of the week. It's going well. Next week will be insane. I hang work at a coffee shop in town around the first of May. I'd like to produce all new work to show there, we'll see. Things are changing. Prices my change (not commissions, not yet anyway). I gotta get my website done.

Happy Easter!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, 'just thought I would check-in and see what was new! I like the new "profile" photo!
The turkey's were neat - we get some around here as well, but nothing that close & with so many, all at once.