Saturday, April 28, 2007

Batch 2 chicks

If you aren't into chickens and genetics don't read this.

Last weekend's hatch:

Pen #O1: Brown Red male X BBRed females = 3 BBRed, 4 Brown Red
Pen #O2: Brown Red male (son of O1) X BBRed females = 2 BBRed, 3 Brown Red
Pen #B: Golden Duckwing OExRC male X Black, BBRed, Blue Brassy Splash females = 1 Black (?), 1 Brassy Back, 3 BBRed-ish (1 single combed)
Pen #E: Brassy Black (Black sport) male X Blue Brassy Back females = 3 Brassy Back, 8 Blue Brassy Back
Pen #T4: Cuckoo male X Cuckoo females: 2 Cuckoo, 2 Black
Pen #T5: Black male X Birchen OExRC and Blue Silver OExRC female = 1 Brown Red (?)
Pen #N1: BBRed male X BBRed and Brown Red females = 10 BBRed, 3 Brown Red
Pen #N2: Black male X Brassy Back females = 3 Brassy Back, 2 Black
Pen #N3: Black male X Black females = 1 Black
Pen #N4: Black male X Black females = 6 Black
Pen #N5: Black male X Black females = 2 Black

Batch 3 started hatching out this morning. It'll be somewhat smaller than the first two. I need to candle eggs this weekend, and depending how the fertility looks in a few pens where I switched the roosters around (O1, O2, N1) I may actually just leave it at 5 batches. If needed I'll set 6, but I think I'm calling it quits at 6 no matter what. I feel overwhelmed already!


Anonymous said...

I would wager both T4 blacks are pullets.

Anonymous said...

I notice that you are breeding OE. Are you going to raise OE or just using the OE color genes.

I also raise and show Bantams.


Katherine Plumer said...

Aaron- yeah, I'd agree with that. I hadn't realized it was going to work that way, I was thinking I'd get 100% cuckoo but it sure doesn't look like it. I'm fairly certain I will not continue the cuckoo project though, I just have too much going on and need to find some ways to cut back.

Nick- no, I'm not raising OE. I got a Silver Duckwing OE last year to breed into the RCs to get the silver gene. The goal was Silver Duckwing Rosecombs but I think I'm a lot more likely to end with up Golden Duckwing. Time will tell I guess!

Anonymous said...

That's what I thought. I did not think you where going to raise OE when you have such "beautiful" Rosecombs. They will start out as GDW's. After the type is dailed in and you can breed GDW to GDW you will get Silvers.

I breed and raise American Game Bantams. If you get a chance, please take a look at my website.

My Duckwings started with a Golden Duckwing cock and a BB Red hen. I have one male that is the 40oz, cock on my website that is GDW. He is 3/4 GDW and 1/3 BB Red. I bred him last year to a 3/4 GDW and 1/3 BB Red hen and they produced me the Silver cockerel that is also on my website.

I am sure that you will be able to produce Silvers and they will be "Beautiful"

Katherine Plumer said...

I looked at your site, and I've seen your birds in person too of course! They are so nice. Good to know that GDW X GDW will produce SDW too. It'll be interesting to see how this all turns out. I think there are definitely some GDW chicks, but of course knowing my luck probably the best ones will have single combs!

Anonymous said...


Thank you, Don't worry if they come single combed you can always show them as American Games!

I feel the same as you sometimes. I have about seven hens with chicks and about seven more setting. Its a bit overwhelming. I am so busy I feel I am going around in circles.

During the week I start work at 3am and work til 1pm, 10 hours a day as a Supervisor in transportation for Sysco foods.

Thank God for my birds. They are my stress relif.