Tuesday, May 30, 2006

new image

Finished today, this is other entry for Draft Horse Classic (Sept 06).

"The First of Spring"
colored pencil and graphite on gray stonehenge paper
10.5" x 13.5"
May 2006
will be for sale at DHC if it's accepted

Just for interest sake, here's an extreme closeup of part of the mare. This is way more detail than you'd see just looking at the original drawing. Color and form are created by laying the colored pencils. That can mean layering one color to create a gradation of light-dark, or layering many colors, going from light to dark--building up to create a form that appears to have depth. There are 10 colors used in the body of the mare (not including hooves, muzzle, eyes): white, cream, beige, sand, goldenrod, terra cotta, tuscan red, black cherry, burnt umber, indigo.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ya!
You are back, and that's great! 'Love the drawings & pics, very cool indeed :-)