Monday, May 29, 2006

Up and Running!!!

Woo hoo, the computer is back!!! I got the call Friday late afternoon telling me that the new hard drive was installed and I could come pick it up. Since I was heading out of town for the weekend I figured I could either get it on the way and take it with me or wait til Tuesday. Of course waiting til Tuesday would mean not having it today.. So yeah, I took the computer on vacation! :-)

The really good news here is that NOTHING was lost from the hard drive (at least not that I've discovered yet). Woo hoo!!! The guys at Core Care in Sacramento are awesome.

So, I spent this weekend at a Clinton Anderson horse training clinic in Red Bluff, and I stayed with J.C. and D.C. about an hour northeast of there. The clinic was great, I feel like I learned a lot and I sure like the way he presents information. I'm excited about really getting going and applying this training to Shylah, and I realize I need to do a lot more groundwork before I think too hard about riding. It was very informative, and funny. And he's really really hot stuff so that's always a good thing too. ;-) If I was brave I would have gotten a picture with him and posted that here, but... alas I am not brave.

I think it may take a while for my butt to recover from sitting on bleachers for hours and hours and hours. Bleachers, I think, would be a pretty effective torture device. Ugh!

I did take a gazillion pictures of horses and other things at J.C.'s place, and actually took a bunch of landscape shots too. It's rare that I'm visiting there when it isn't either ankle deep in mud or over 100 degrees, so this was pretty much a perfect weekend, and the clouds were really neat. It is so gorgeous there.

"Objects in viewfinder are MUCH closer than they appear" The photo below is cropped down a fair amount, the horses didn't take up that much of the frame in the original photo, but I was standing there shooting a series of running pics, and when I looked up away from the camera I realized the mare was right in front of me! I think I said something along the lines of "oh crap!" The horses are Andalusians, and the bay colt that's pictured above and below (not the one with the white markings) is for sale (thought I'd throw a plug in there for you J!) :-)

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Dan said...

Nice to have you back among the computer living... Miss chatting with you....