Monday, May 22, 2006

Nope, not yet...

I called the computer repair place this morning, still no word from Apple on when the new hard drive will be in, so I have NO idea how long this could take... my fear is it may turn into weeks. The guy told me I can take my computer back home if I want to, and it may come to that.. it was still working (to an extent) and I could continue to use it until the new drive arrives, and then I'd just take it back for repair. I need to think about that. There are things I need on there, and even though I have them on backup, I can't open them on this laptop. Plus I can't print anything from here, or scan anything, or get images off my camera.... However, I am still most grateful to be able to do email, thanks again JJ!!! :-)

Oh! And I need to be able to update my website!! I sold the three kitten paintings over the weekend and need to change that.. no can no now.

We had a decent amount of rain over the last two days, which was actually kind of nice since it had been miserably hot there for a while. I feel so sorry for people who have hay down in the fields though, ugh! My 60 bales of hay was delivered last week, but the bale wagon doesn't fit into the barn so they had to drop it out front. It took me two days to move ALL the hay into the barn and restack it. 21 bales into the extra stall (6 bales high on one end), one large stack in the aisleway, 8 by 8 feet and 5 bales high, and then a few leftovers along the wall. I was sooooo sore by the end of that. They are heavier this year! It's not exactly a fun job but there's something immensely satisfying about doing it alone. Well, to be fair, E.H. (Patrick's owner) did show up right at the end and help with a few bales and that was nice since I was about to croak.

Things are still weird with the horses, and more and more I think it will not work for Patrick to stay here, it's dangerous out there. I've been turning the three of them out together. Gwen acts like a stallion. She charges at him, kicks him (he did fight back at one point, that was dramatic) and will NOT let him get near Shylah. Gwen is always between them, and I can tell this is starting to annoy Shylah, I've seen her make a run for it a couple times but she can't get away from Gwen. If Patricks ends up in the middle it's NOT pretty, Gwen pretty much tries to kill him (pissing and swishing her tail the whole time, it's really gross). I've ridden her with other geldings and she's never been like this before. There is just something about him that has a strange affect on her. It makes them hard to be around. *sigh* They are so weird.

I'm debating setting one more batch of eggs or just stopping now (there is one more batch due, in two weeks). Hmmmmmm........

Ok, back to work.

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