Friday, May 05, 2006

19 days

Sorry I didn't manage to get a pic yesterday, it would have looked just like day 17 anyway. I was busy all day and got home later than I anticipated at night and was just too tired.

So this is day 19, I didn't realize the pic was quite that dark when I took it, but you don't really need to see the other end of the egg anyway. It's photographed in the same position as always. The chick has "pipped," meaning it has broken the shell and started the process of hatching. So the light "chip" area you see there is the broken part of the shell, and the darkness near that inside the egg is the chick's beak. It is possible it may be hatched by morning, but there's no way to predict that for certain, they are highly variable and none of them give me a schedule. ;-) I won't have a chick pic for you til Sunday afternoon, since I can't open the hatcher between now and then (it would mess up the humidity if I did).

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