Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Rosecomb Bantam eggs available for sale: BBRed, Brassy Back/Blue Brassy Back. Pricing and full information here. Limited time offer, if you want colored Rosecombs and you aren't in CA this is your best (only?) chance to get them from me. Don't wait for me to have birds for sale in the fall, get the eggs now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think that you are just the best thing! Your Beautiful and smart! I love labs too! I have two Dixon, (black), and sohpia, (chocolate). Your really talented! And your web site is amazing!! :-) I hope to find a woman like you somday. Your boyfriend or husband sure is a lucky guy. And tell your brother, great job building those coopes!
Keep up the wonderful work and congratulations on all that you've achieved! You really seem to be one of a kind!
God Bless,

Katherine Plumer said...

Awww, thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey there! It's me again. I just wanted to see if you had gotten the comment. I don't ever leave comments. I'm pretty new to this computer thing. I kinda like it!:-)I don't have a blog. I wished I knew how to put pictures on the net. I'd show you my babies. (dogs)ha ha. They are all I got. I know you are a pretty busy woman, but I'd love to just chat with you sometime. No harm in that. My address is dmartin9@nctc.com if you or anyone else is interested. I live over in Tn! A long way from CA! It's so beautiful here. I love the hills. Especially in the fall! All the different colors. You can't tell me God doesn't love color!! ;-) Are you a Christian? Just curious. Well I've tormented you enough, maybe I'll hear from you soon!?
In Christ alone all things are possible!,\\\Martin///

Anonymous said...

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