Tuesday, May 02, 2006

16 days, horses, and shopping

Yup, pretty opaque:

I went to the mall today. I have a severe aversion to shopping, so this was a rare moment. I really needed to go though. I dragged my friend K.V. along for moral support, and had she not been there I probably would have zipped through and said "nope, nothing I like" and gone home and sulked and then had to wear jeans and a t-shirt to a wedding I'm attending this weekend. Ok, slight exaggeration perhaps, but I'm not the world's most open-minded shopper. So I probably drove her insane by being so picky and indecisive, but in the end we found a cute outfit. Now I just need to figure out what to do with my hair. These dress-up events are few and far between so this is no small undertaking..

In other news, there is another horse here again. Poor Gwen, she was probably rejoicing that Sampson went home, and now there's another boy here to deal with. I'm not sure how long he will be here, probably a short-term thing but we'll see. This is Patrick the thoroughbred, and I just cannot take him seriously with that flymask on! (has to wear it due to an eye problem):

There was a lot of squealing and kicking going on when he met the girls (and in fact just ten minutes ago I heard Gwen out there squealing and kicking the fence more...it's late at night!). I think he will end up getting along well with Shylah. After the intitial kick-fest they stood at the gate for a while and talked politely with their ears forward. He REALLY makes her look short! And he's not even all *that* tall!

Random pretty picture of Shylah:

Gwen, on the other hand, tried to kill him, and might have succeeded in bodily harm if it wasn't for the heavy duty fence separating them. She's mad. She's probably still doing the angry tail swishing. She wouldn't even eat her dinner, and for Gwen not to eat, well... that's rare. She went and stood in the far corner and sulked. Here she is looking somewhat possessed due to the camera flash:

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