Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Interesting Things

Last month I went through some of the keywords that people put into search engines that led them to my website(s) so I think I'll do that again. You know what's pretty funny-- the phrases I typed in here last time.. now they are coming up even MORE in searches because now they really do exist in writing on this domain! So, like, the bubble butt thing for example, OMG, comes up all the time now. Won't they be disappointed when they realize this is so not what they're looking for (rolls eyes). So, without repeating last month's stuff, here are some new phrases from either the art domain or the rosecomb domain:

hairy beast (must have been something I said about horses)
does fate really happen (I don't know, what do you think?)
bantam draft horse (tee hee, awwww cute!)
cool lady trying to make call (what??)
what kind of sound to do roosters do (approximately 20 different vocalizations)
how tall is a chicken egg in inches (depends on the egg!)
diapers for ducks (I've seen these on the web...)
the art of chicken butt (ummm...)
show me chicken earlobes (is that like show me the money?)
goober people drawings (what?!)
6 foot dog (that's either a horrible deformity or a really big dog!)
hot drawings (ooooh yeah...)
why call me a chicken (why not?)
bed bug (okay, that's weird)
roadhouse peanut compost (and that's weird too!)
armpits (always a good way to end a list...)

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