Saturday, May 13, 2006

One of those days....

It's sorta been like that for the last couple days, very Murphy's Law-esque. *sigh*

I moved the pipped eggs into the hatcher last night right before I went to bed. 4 of them were pipped but the rest were not (there are always over-achievers!) I've found they hatch best if I wait until they pip before moving them to the hatcher.. So all was well, no problem. This morning a few more were pipped in the incubator and one was hatched out there, but it sounded weak and acted lethargic. Hmm, not good. I opened it up and took the tray out, and immediately I could feel that the inside of the incubator was no warmer than the room. CRAAAAAP, not again! I quickly moved all three trays of eggs into the hatcher, just for safe keeping. Although "room temperature" in there is about 85 degrees, eggs need to be just over that's a problem, and I really really really hope it didn't kill the next two batches of eggs or take too heavy a toll on those that are due to hatch this weekend. I took the top off the incubator and fiddled with the wires again, but there's really nothing to fix--nothing is broken! Ack!! I don't know what the issue is! This the same thing that happened a few months ago, but at that time there was some corrosion in the wire connector. Everything's clean, I fixed that issue way back then! So.. I don't know. It started to work again and seems to be fine. We'll see... Arg!

A couple days ago the computer started to act much slower than normal and stall while opening programs and whatnot. The little colored wheel would spin and spin.. eventually it would come back to live, but this is not normal, it's a very zippy computer. And then it started to click. OH NO. I emailed a Mac guru and he confirmed what I was dreading, sounds like the hard drive is failing. CRAAAAP! I hope I don't lose anything. I will be taking it in for service next week, I hope that doesn't take too long, I feel pretty worthless without computer access (not just for incessant email checking, but also for legitimate work, graphics, scanning, etc.) Arg!

And then there was a broken water pipe too but that's pretty small potatoes compared to this other crap. I can't spell-check this posting, the computer I'm on (am house-sitting) won't let the window pop up so I hope I didn't make too many errors.

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