Thursday, July 01, 2010

I've been jammin'

I will resume regularly scheduled work in progress pics very soon (it doesn't look like much right now, have not inked anything!), but it's been a disgustingly domestic diva-ish last few days. I don't love cleaning house, but I can't have everyone knowing what a slob I am, so there has been much tidying to do in various areas of the house in preparation for holiday weekend shindigging.

I've also been in full Betty Crocker mode. Apron, scarf in my hair, spoon in hand, boiling water on the stove...yeah, the works... Summer has arrived, and brought ripe fruit with it! And when it's ripe, you kinda have to deal with it. If you wait, you waste it. So, since Monday I've made 48 jars of jam. That brings my season total to 75 so far. Apricots are officially done. It was a small crop this year compared to last year. And the peaches and nectarines won't be ripe for another month! The blackberries out along the creek are ready for the first picking, but dang it I can only deal with so much fruit in one week!

Olin, meanwhile, maintains his usual level of enthusiasm. ;-)

It's July. Son of a biscuit. This is insane.


Anonymous said...

fuzzy kitty wid da smash head! -BMc

Anonymous said...

Hello Katherine!
:-) what about a luxury version of jam - with an engraved closure?
just kidding...
Regards, Mario.

Granny Annie said...

I would be so proud to have stacks of jars of jams that I had prepared. I would be equally proud to have my counter tops look like yours in the process. What I see as far as my doing this goes, is jars scattered all around with jelly running down the sides and counter top,pots,pan and utensils all sloppy and covered with a mess while I stand there a large walking stain.

Katherine Plumer said...

Mario, you know what's funny, the jar lids have a printed scroll pattern on them!

Granny Annie, it can definitely get a bit messy in the process, though knock on wood I have yet to have a major sticky mishap. With the right tools it's not so bad! :-)