Wednesday, June 30, 2010

teeny steps

Okay, I can see I'll have to slowly ease you into any changes I make on the blog. You're attached to it, I know... I won't change the title, for now...


Jan Blawat said...

Every time I open your blog now, I see something that makes me think, "That's not right." Of course, it could be something that hasn't even changed, and I just don't remember. It would probably be easier on me if you did it all at once.

Katherine Plumer said...

Well, if something looks BAD let me know. I can only preview it in so many browsers. But if it's different, that's okay. I did change a bunch of things including the overall template, which I like better now, but tried to preserve the old color scheme, which I liked. I might still tweak a few things but basically the changes are done. See, it was minor!

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