Saturday, July 31, 2010

scrimshaw moose pendant!

Done and in the hands of a very happy new owner. :-)

Moose pendant
22x30mm, set in gold
multicolor scrimshaw on pre-ban elephant ivory

The horse scrim I've been working on is finished. And I can show you the lion knives. But I'd hate to overwhelm you all at once, so I'll space them out a bit. :-)

I'll start a new piece tomorrow, though I've changed my mind a half a dozen times today about what it will be. I need to determine how well I like to scrim on Mother of Pearl, because there could be some important business opportunities if I like it and it turns out well. I also need to focus pretty exclusively on doing work for the show in WY, so that means wildlife/western stuff (not what I had planned to put on the MOP, but now that I found the missing stuff and have FOUR of them to fiddle with, well heck, I can save my other idea for later.) So you might remember, if you've been reading this for a long time, that I once started a color scrim of a swan. Just barely started. And then got sidetracked with other projects and put it aside and never touched it again. Well, I still love the image, but I picked up that piece of ivory today with the swan outline and it's just too darn big, it's a huge piece of ivory, I don't want to make the image that big. It's a subtle image, it should be smaller. Save the big pieces for the drama and detail. So I'll start it again, this time on MOP. Unless I hate the MOP, we'll see. And I'll just repolish the ivory and do something else with it.

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Nekkid Chicken said...

I love your artwork. Happy August, Mal