Monday, July 05, 2010

becoming cute and fuzzy

The second batch of chicks hatched this weekend. One more weekend to go. Talk about a short hatching season, lol!

Anyway, this little dude was running late and was on the verge of hatching when I took all the other ones out of the hatcher and put them in the brooder this morning. Most hatched yesterday. So I let it hatch in my hand under the brooder lamp. I'm sure a few of you will think "ewww gross" but it's really pretty darn cool. Trust me, I'm kind of an "eww gross" person myself, and this is neato!

Chick says "whew, I'm tired!"

I put it back into the hatcher for a while to dry out, and by this evening, cuteness!

In other news, sometimes Angus doesn't quite grasp the concept of a bed (yes, admittedly Angus also doesn't fit on most dog beds):

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