Friday, July 23, 2010


After Blade Show, I was given two small pieces of Mother Of Pearl on which to try scrimshaw. I put them in my purse, in the inner zipper portion. Or so I thought.

About a week ago I decided it was time to go ahead and polish those so I could start something. Problem was, they weren't there. I was sure I hadn't taken them out, I didn't remember handling them since the moment they were given to me. I looked all around the studio but there was no sign of them, and they were not in any of the other luggage pieces that I could find at that moment, so I figured most likely I had set them next to my purse, and simply walked away without ever taking them, and the person who gave them to me put them away without realizing they were the ones I was supposed to take.

So I ordered some new pieces of MOP.

I also realized recently that my tiny camera bag was missing. The camera is here, with the batteries, but I couldn't find the case. No matter, I don't use it much anyway and I bought it for a couple dollars, so I figured I'd just get a new one if it didn't turn up pretty soon.

The new MOP arrived in the mail yesterday.

This afternoon I needed to remove my scrimshaw platform from the engraving vise, and put in a small piece of steel on which I'll be attempting another engraving. This requires an allen wrench. This allen wrench lives on my engraving bench, or sometimes on top of the drawers to my right. It wasn't in either place. I cleared off the bench, looked under the drawers and all around the floor, looked in all the drawers, looked on the drawing table, looked on the spare table, checked the tool drawer in the kitchen, and finally went out to the barn to find a replacement, as I had NO idea where it was. Didn't have another one the same size. I was about to go nuts at this point, I couldn't put a new project in the vise without it! I happened to glance over at the drawing table again, and there was the allen wrench, in with some pencils. Well what the heck. I had even looked there. I don't use it over THERE, it doesn't go there, why would it be there, and why didn't I see it there earlier? I wasted about 20 minutes looking for the stupid thing and got totally frazzled!

Tonight, I was in my room looking high and low for the missing camera bag because I need it tomorrow. Well, no, don't need it, but it would be nice to have if possible. I found it, I had fallen behind the box that stores all my bellydance costume stuff.

And guess what was inside.

The original Mother Of Pearl!

Welcome to my world. (rolls eyes)

[EDIT] I should probably clarify that the MOP did not get into the camera bag by itself. Clearly I had forgotten I had the camera bag IN my purse at the time I was given the MOP, so the zippered compartment I put the MOP into was the camera bag itself, within the purse.... Sigh.


Swellbelle said...

Oh yeah, I know. We are all the same I'm afraid. As I say to my elderly parents who worry about their memory lapses, as long as you don't leave the house without your pants, don't worry about it.

Anonymous said...

Love reading your Blog and enjoy the pics :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to think about all the missing stuff that keeps showing up.....some people would say that you have some kind of curse on you or spiritual "junk" around you, and that you need to be prayed over to remove what ever has attached itself to you and making things come and go.
Others I know would just say hey, you are getting "older" and are starting to misplace things, but I think you are a bit young for that, haha! A ghost or spirit could always be the reason (taking things and putting them in weird places)...I have actually lived in a house that did that, so you never know! LOL. I have no idea what else to think....but it is STRANGE.

Tommy Roberts said...

love reading your blog also, and all the pics are great. It keeps us smiling :) Tommy

Nancy K. said...

Boy, does that sound familiar! ;-)

At least you found everything...