Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm blogging in the morning!

I hardly ever blog in the morning, but here I am. Because I'm sitting here with too many things to do, and not sure which to do first, so I'll just procrastinate on all of them and blog instead. I've been meaning to write something the last couple nights but it gets way too late and I get way too tired and then I simply go to bed instead. So, totally disjointed thoughts for the day:

1) Whoever invented the electric sander should probably be sainted. Try polishing some rough-cut ivory, you'll agree with me.

2) I was working on a "reverse" scrimshaw. It was going to be white ink on a black surface. I was experimenting with black buffalo horn. I HATE it. Not the reverse idea, but the horn. Even when it's polished smooth the fibers are still visible, so it's not a solid dark color, and it's soft and mushy anyway and the dots kept disappearing. Ugh! So I scrapped that idea. Too bad, it was going to be my entry for Draft Horse Classic. Now I'm up a creek and won't be entering. I can't exhibit there anyway (conflict with Jackson Hole show) but wanted to put in a piece anyway. It's probably just as well, I need to focus on having stuff for the Jackson show. So, I'm adding horn to the list of surfaces that I won't work on. Yuck.

3) I finished hatching chicks and turned off the incubator yesterday. Just three batches this year, wow! I don't know how many I have, 75ish??? Could be more. I won't be showing in the fall. I will show at 1-3 shows in early 2011. Oh, I am showing at State Fair in a couple weeks, if that counts. Mostly these days I just enter so I can get a parking pass and entry ticket. It's cheaper than getting in as a non-exhibitor! Anyway, I need my yearly cinnamon roll.

4) I added about 100 more photos to the album "The Cross Country Adventure" (see link in right side bar). When I first put them up I was in a hurry to get it done, and having seen all that scenery in person, I thought "these photos don't really capture it as well as real life." Now, looking back, they're all I've got, and I took them for a reason, so I added a lot more. It's mostly scenery, but some people too. Should have done it all right away, oh well.

5) Angus has a play date today. Fun!

Okay, I'd better resume chipping away at the list of things to do today. Next stop, post office...

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