Friday, November 05, 2010

website update done!

Whew! That actually took longer than I thought, and I was expecting a pretty long time. Lots of fiddly crap to do even after I got the bulk of the work done. CSS would make my life easier, right? Yeah, I don't know anything about it. Maybe some day I'll have to learn. I did learn a few new little tricks though.

Anyway, I haven't verified each and every link on every page but so far it seems to be in good shape. I hope you like it. I love it! Should be easier to read and load quicker now. If you do find something that seems like an error, let me know please.



Katherine Plumer said...

Oh darn it, now I see a problem. Crap. I'm too tired to fix it tonight, it'll have to wait. I need to link the sale pages to the main drawings and scrim pages. See, it's always something.

Bob Easton said...

It always takes longer!

Looks great. The larger photos really clinch the deal and give us a better look at your work. Thanks!

Now for a technical suggestion... Right now, the menu links are selectable only when hovering over the text. We can make the whole cells selectable with one line of code. I don't know if Blogger will let this line of code appear in a comment. If not, email me: bob at

Just after the line that begins with <STYLE, add the following line:
td a {display: block;}

Katherine Plumer said...

Thanks, I'll look into that and see if I can figure it out! (Though I'm okay with it this way too). :-)