Monday, November 15, 2010

I'll keep trying

I found out today I will not be showing at the Western Visions show in Jackson Hole in September 2011. Rejection letter in the mail. I'm really really bummed out by this, but at the same time I totally expected it. It's complicated in a way that I can't get into here for all the world to see. Everything is always complicated isn't it... :-(

I'll try again for 2012.

Of course knowing that I won't see my favorite place on earth next year makes me REALLY want to go back even more. Maybe Wyoming and I will be on an every-two-year plan. Unless I strike it rich and move there. Gotta get my weekly lotto tickets tomorrow. ;-)

*Sigh* :-(


Jan Blawat said...

If you make it a goal, you'll find some way to get it done. The show is only one reason to be there, after all. And if you go and don't have to show, then you'll have even more time for fun things.

dougzilla said...

I agree with Jan. I'd wanted to move to London for years - it took me that long to cook up a way to get it to work, unlikely as it seemed. True, there are those things in life that do prove genuinely impossible, but, for the most part, if you're really serious about wanting to do something, you find a way, however unusual, to make it happen. And that's my Hallmark moment for you... ;-)