Friday, November 26, 2010


It always seems funny to be hungry the morning after Thanksgiving. Shouldn't I still be full from the turkey and mashed potatoes and green bean casserole and stuffing and cranberries and apple pie and pumpkin cheesecake? Apparently not, but that does make me sound like a pig!

Yesterday was really nice. Chilly, but clear and sunny. So I wandered around with my camera for a while yesterday.

Shylah got a little Thanksgiving feast of mulberry leaves. I think about half the leaves on the tree came crashing down the night beforehand!

Gwen didn't need any, she's out on pasture.

Angus says "huh?"

Olin wonders why I'm on the wrong side of the window.

The chickens are still nowhere near show ready, but by January I hope they'll be all feathered out. Here's a sneak peek at some of the cockerels.

Wild turkeys in the driveway.

Mom and I spent Thanksgiving evening with family friends, as has been tradition for the last many years. Dinner was delicious, and I really enjoy seeing everyone. Thanksgiving is the only time I see some members of that family (who I've known for 25 years). I have to share a funny story with you. I was sitting next to one of the little girls before dinner was served last night. I'm terrible with ages, but I think she's maybe eight years old, or somewhere thereabouts. She kept looking at me and smiling, and finally said "Have you found a husband yet?" I laughed, and said nope, not yet, I'm still looking for one. She reached over, patted my arm, and said "Well, you still look young." Oh my! I guess the implication here is I need to hurry it up before everyone figures out how old I am? That cracked me up. ;-)

I randomly woke up early and had the briefest thought that I could get up and go shopping, but then my eyeballs closed up again and I disappeared under the covers for another two hours. I actually did go shopping though. I'm not in the market for any big ticket items (that I'm aware of, I'll probably think of something as soon as all the sales are over) but I have been accumulating fabric to make myself a quilt, and I couldn't pass up $1.29/yd on flannel, and 50% off the huge cutting mats. So I spent THREE count 'em THREE hours waiting in the cutting line at JoAnn's this morning. Good grief! It was totally worth the $100+ savings, but talk about boring. It's worth noting though, if you're ever stuck there and want a quiet place to sit out of the way of the insanity, go park your butt on the floor in the corner of the home decor fabric section. It's empty there. I read a couple books about home decor, and then a nice older lady came over and sat with me and we talked about quilts for a while.

Anyway, I'd better go back out and get a few more things done outside before it gets dark!


dougzilla said...

It worries me that there was a line at JoAnn's Fabrics. Have times become so bad that people are bulk buying calico and gingham again? Eek! ;-)

The Chicken Keepers said...

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The Chicken Keepers said...

I will have to check out the bloggers ahead of my post...haha

We had pumpkin cheesecake as well! I think Dan had it too, so it must have been a popular dish this year :-).
Great pics of the birds and horses!
My sister and A went "Black Friday" shopping while we were up north....they got some good deals, saw some crazy granny's fighting over something, and said they would go again next year. Me on the other hand, stayed as far away from shopping as I could!

Anonymous said...

I love the new banner on the blog! Have you really been blogging for 6 years? ...and I smile everytime I see your palm-print, turkey. :-)

Katherine Plumer said...

Dougzilla- it was more about flannel and fleece. I'll let you know if gingham comes back into fashion though. Hey, the curtains in the kitchen are gingham!

Chicken Keepers- thank you! And welcome!

CS- I don't normally venture out shopping that morning, that's wayyyyy too many people for me. But I couldn't turn down the savings, and I was already in EG dog-sitting.

Anonymous- thanks! You must not have checked in for a while, the banner's been up for a couple months now. :-) I've been blogging since the summer of 2005.

Anonymous said...

Husband?! Husband?! What the heck kid?! I cannot believe that you remained so calm! -BMc.

Katherine Plumer said...

BMc, wow... Why would that bother me? Kids just say it like they see it.